Snacky Squirrels
Snacky Squirrels is a healthy snacking brand founded by a brother-sister duo. Their mission is to bring seasoned nuts to the spotlight against nachos, chips, etc., and make healthy wholesome snacking widely available. 
Check out their website here:

Services offered:
- Logo Design
- Mascot Design
- Packaging Design
- Brand Identity mockups 
- Website and Social Media posts (design application demo)

Design Asks:
- The brand must be memorable and distinguished from its competition.
- Packaging design and Brand feel have to be cheerful, happy, and yet classy.

- Two brand mascots, a male and a female squirrel to assist with making the brand memorable, CAS, and cheerful. This also adds a quirk twist.
- Flat design to keep things minimal and clean.
- Bright appetizing colors to communicate the brand tone and feel.
- Hand-written logo and font styles to add a personal, warm touch to the brand.

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